Angelica Lundberg

Energy Psychologist in London, United Kingdom

Aloha Beloveds and a Warm Welcome to you,

Thank you for dropping in. Below is a little information about myself and what I can offer you on your journey through life.

I am a Sacred Space Holder, Consciousness Pioneer, Divine Love Ambassador and Heart Empowerment Facilitator humbly extending my gifts and wisdom as an Energy Psychologist.

At the very core of my being, I am confident that each and everyone of us have chosen to come here, as individuated expressions of the One source of creation, with unique energetic signatures and soul gifts to experience abundantly and share freely.

In my work, I support other brave souls looking to connect with their core essence and embody that unique expression by allowing for Emotional Integration, Mental Clarity and Ultimate Soul Fulfilment. This is catalysed from a process of guiding them back to their essential life compass- their Emotional Guidance System- through gently inviting their conscious awareness into their feeling body.

Passionate about intimacy, raw vulnerability, radical honesty and authentic relating, I am here to serve as a living intention for others to reclaim their freedom and live their highest destiny in the light of grace and ease.

In sessions tailored to the individual, we work towards becoming increasingly attuned to our inner world, by cultivating discernment on the basis of self love.

Drawing upon my academic background in Western Psychology and devoted practice within Eastern traditions of yoga, meditation & various holistic healing modalities- I weave effective, multidimensional techniques together in sessions to facilitate the overcoming of fears and stepping into fuller embodiment of ones innermost essence.

As we courageously drop deeper into our truth as beings of love, we are co-creating Heaven on Earth. Starting from the Beloved within- patiently awaiting sacred union.

Are you ready to embrace all of who you are and live your highest destiny in THIS lifetime?

Interested in co-facilitating workshops, classes or events together?

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Boundless blessings,


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