Angelica Minx

I’m a girly girl with an obsession for skinny mochas and polka dots. I love a bit of lush, a bit of love, a bit of fizz and a lot of earrings, shoes, handbags and scarves. I adore the rain, and I do believe in faeries.

Give me pots of Mayan Gold chocolate, bottomless glasses of Bollinger and wash my hair in a Cleopatra-style aromatherapy bubble bath and I’m yours for life. I’ll also love you if you wake me up with hot crossiants and a cup of organic chai.

I’m raw, playful, cheeky and I live for being deliciously naughty.

My idols include Belle de Jour, Veronica Lake, Dita Von Teese, Eric Northman from True Blood fame, my dog Belle and the creators of Smiggle (I’m a stationery addict) and massages (I said I was a lush).

I’m a burlesqueite, a purveyor of pin up, a Mama Kat turned Minx model, a yoga instructor, a gad-about-town, a tantrum thrower, an avid traveller, a writer, a people watcher, a baker of cakes and an eternal glass-half-full-type.

From old world vintage, glamour and burlesque to the art of contemporary seduction, tease and liberated sexuality, I’m your girl.

Blogger. Writer. Model. Dancer. Mama Kat. Minx.

I review, promote, model, dance and blog ... if you're interested, check out my blog