Angelo Orlando

Como, Italy

Born in the greyed '70 to live adolescence time in the 80's colours. Great passion for british music.From England to Scotland, noise or electronic, guitar riff or bass line or both.

Study music: violin and piano.

Roland Sound Canvas 88's guy.

Passion for drum machine & four quarters rythms.

Werner Herzog's films, books & poesy.

J.d.Salinger's novels and AlbErt Camus existentialism.

Runner but still better wild runner.

Great passions technology and communication.

Ray-tracing experience under Imagine & 3D Studio.

Assembler programmer under Motorola 68xxx .

Assembler programmer under Amiga Copper.

C and Visual Basic experience before and during ASp.NET Era.

Great interests forMicrosoft's infrastructures since Windows NT Server 3.5.

  • Work
    • It Consultant
  • Education
    • IPSIA Luigi Ripamonti
    • Università Statale degli Studi di Milano