Angie McNally

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Angie's holistic approach to helping people action their vision and access their personal power and passion is the culmination of learning from her own life events, utilizing her formal education, emotional intelligence, 23 years of business development and a thirst to evolve and grow. Those who know Angie, say that she is a listener and a way of making people feel valued in her presence. Angie is inspired when she can help others expand their self-awareness and lean into the full impact of authentic leadership. Her unparalleled level of empathy is the springboard of her being and the foundation of building rock solid relationships.

Angie works as a leadership empowerment coach with clients around the world. Additionally, she has a passion for connecting people that she believes will mutally benefit from knowing one another.

If you want to access your passion or just need a conversation to help you get unstuck, email Angie to arrange a time to talk.

  • Work
    • expandlead, LLC
  • Education
    • Certified Hudson Institute Coach, MS Clinical Counseling