A gifted storyteller, marketer, award-winning writer, and speaker; Contributor for SocialFresh.com and founder of DaddyApproves.com; Author of Love's Compass; and lover of people, relationships, & discussions helping guys be better men.

Other interesting tidbits:

born Texan, raised in Wisconsin, die-hard Packers fan

recreational cigar enthusiast and lover of craft beer

identical twin of Marcus

JCrew Model, Christmas 96'

Volunteer Citizen of the Year 2003: Wausau, WI

Most Promising New Writer 2010, Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference

Myers-Briggs profile: ENFP

Strengths Finder: Strategic • Communications • Belief • Woo • Activator

married to his Hawaiian honey, they have three children.

Writing Portfolio: angusnelson.contently.com

Inspirational content: www.angusnelson.com