Angus Ogilvy

Angus is a thought leader in working with organisations to create and implement a Peak Performance philosophy. He is the founder of IAFTOS, the integrated platform for developing people and businesses.

"We do not believe business performance is constrained by a linear growth model". We work closely with organisations to ensure they have:

a good grasp of consumer and market insights

an effective social media marketing strategy

a resource for understanding the learning preferences and personality profiles of key members of staff and target customer communities

access to corporate team building and process re-engineering solutions

multi market translation services

Angus speaks at conferences on building customer engagement and loyalty. His business specialises in moving organisations from customer centricity to a new platform of digital marketing.

"We work closely with organisations to provide very cost effective tools for increasing the visibility of brands online and at the same time creating an integrated social media platform for gaining sales leads and referrals from Google and Facebook 24/7"

Ogilvy Consulting provides consultancy services across Asia, including UK.