Ani Kaprekar

Life Coach in Manchester, United Kingdom

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I am a facilitator of growth and success. I help people to build exciting stories in their work and personal lives by stimulating ground-breaking changes. I help businesses to succeed by realising their true potential.

I coach and mentor people and businesses across the globe and have witnessed their growth in character and contentment, and celebrated their successes. Through coaching and mentoring, I facilitate learning and happiness for people -- to love what they have and to have what they love.

I bring more than 25 years of global leadership, spirituality and life experience working for your unique dreams and goals.

The main body of my work involves coaching people to:

- discover their true potential,

- access their inner wisdom, and

- realise their personal power.

I bring my core values of curiosity, compassion, and gratitude into my coaching sessions, and in doing so, spark a change quite unlike any other executive coach. My clients say that my humility, gentleness, and genuine interest in people makes it very easy for them to connect with and trust me. My warmth and compassion helps them relax and open up to examining issues that may be holding them back. I am particularly skilled in showing that all answers lie within, and my purpose as a coach is simply to teach ways to set those solutions free.

Nearly half a million wonderful people like you are connected on my Facebook page of insights. It's a personal initiative to spread a spirit of self-discovery. A book of my insights is on its way soon.

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