Anıl Kaplan

I hate writing classical biography but if someday i must do it,

it could be today.

I was born in 19 May 1986 in Istanbul - Turkey and i'm still living here.

After graduation from Cagribey Anatolian high school, i moved to Zonguldak for one year English education. Then i moved to Safranbolu and lived there for 4 years for undergraduate education. I have graduated as an architect at February 2011 but I lack experience.Now, i'm working in a company which specializes in architectural design and construction.

I have been using computers for a long time. I spend most of my timehaving social interactions andbeing involved in philosophic thinking andreading.I have interpreted hedonism in my own way and am living it accordingly. I've never supported any football team, any country, any religion, any race or any political view in my life. I like to live on my own; with my knowledge and my abilities. I belong to the time that i'm living at that moment only. I hate capitalism as capital letters but sometimes, i must use both.

I always say; "only the dead save their thoughts to themself." so idon't like to conceal my opinions but i know, sometimes i should, as long as i live in Turkey where your opinions get you killed.

and to explain myself shortly i must say;

"non fui, fui, non sum, non curo"

~ epicurus