Anila Ali

Public Speaker and Volunteer in Irvine, California

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With pride and love for this beautifully diverse, inclusive and family oriented city of Irvine, I am running for a seat on the Irvine City Council. I made Irvine my home in 1996, with only one goal in mind; provide my two children with the best education possible. Truly, this was the wisest decision my husband and I have ever made.

With our arrival in this nationally recognized planned community, we planted our roots and became involved in Irvine city life. I did post graduate studies at Concordia University and taught at the Middle and High School levels. As a parent and community member I advocated for Irvine's children, youth, and families. I proudly served as a board member at the City of Irvine as a trustee of the Irvine Public School Foundation.

Irvine boasts of some of the best public schools in the nation, and the presence of IVC, Concordia University, and UC Irvine represent Irvine's genuine commitment to academic excellence. Yes, education is my forte however the entire experience of living in Irvine provides each one of us with the opportunity of multicultural family lifestyle in a global city.

Our uniquely planned city makes Irvine a leader in this 21st century. With a booming business community, commitment to recreation, art, craft, environmental awareness, community and philanthropic involvement, and of course our state of the art academics, we truly have a great city. These are the elements of a model city. This is what Irvine residents say they love and cherish about Irvine, and I do too.

Each one of our well planned villages is unique with individual characteristics and concerns that must be recognized. Irvine's strength is in the diversity of our villages and our multi cultural population. Our City Council must be accountable to our citizens for the process and policies that dictate their actions. Recognizing that it is a privilege to serve as a City Council member, my promise to the citizens of Irvine is my commitment to demonstrating accountability by holding forums and community meetings to always hear your concerns.

Our extraordinary city is at a critical juncture. Our city council is divided and struggles to act on behalf of our residents; they cannot get anything accomplished! We must have our City Council reflect our harmonious communities. The people of Irvine deserve the best. I have two decades of leadership and you can TRUST me. That is why I am running for Irvine City Council.

Let’s get Irvine working again! Outstanding Past, Ex