Anina Banks

As an ARTIST/ is the constant in my life equation. Regardless of the influence or medium, my work is a product of my core. From an early age, my natural gifts were enhanced by intensive training in various fine arts mediums, including drawing, painting and print making at the College of the Bahamas. After further training in Graphic Design, I began working as a corporate and freelance designer. Today in my private studio, I create fine art pieces that strive to emphasize the elegance of organic growth through the use of heterogeneous textures on asymmetrical forms.

As a DIGITAL PRODUCER/MARKETER... with almost 10 years agency experience, at various corporate levels I effectively communicate creative solutions that achieve the brand-marketing strategic goals, specific to digital media. These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to exhibit strong leadership and teambuilding skills. As a result, I play an integral role when streamlining project life cycles, maintaining the collaboration of team members and managing the client's expectations so that the company exercises good judgment in meeting the client's objectives within the financial scope of the project.

Available for consulting, contact