Anis Afifah

Student and Project Manager in Terengganu, Malaysia

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Personally, I don't really understand the quotation of introduction to yourself... Haha.. is it wanting to know about me? Hope I can answer to that question. My name is Anis Afifah Izzati binti Mohd Zaki. My matric Id is 21773, a BIS undergraduate student. I have five siblings including me.

Moving on... I've never took any computer class nor anything related to economics before UTP. easy said, that I was a science student. went to regular highschool because my mom wont let me leave her sight. ironically, now I'm in Perak.yeah… that is a long way from home. 9 hours I tell ya, and that’s by bus.

My fav subject……english, mathematics and additional math.

My hobbies are none other than, WACTHING MOVIES AND SURFING THE NETTTTT. Im never bored doing these kind of thing. Watching disney and mostly english… always eng since 6 years old. Addicted to the net since form 3.

Im a very slow student.. “MADAM DO HELP ME,” this is not only recognize by myself also by my friends. all agree that im a little bit slow in learning. No matter how hard I struggled I just cant seems to find the right way to study. For me to understand something complexs, I have to be explained twice or more. My expectation for this course is hopefully I can managed to understand this subject properly. Because like I just said.. im toooooo slow….

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