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Ara Alfahmi

My name is Anissa Rizky Alfahmi but just call me Ara. I bet that most of you are confuse about my nickname. Well, Actually there are so many Anissa's out there. It doesn't mean that i don't like that name but.. Whenever my friend call my name, the other Anissa's are turning around. And it always happening to me tho when my friend are calling the other Anissa's and then I took a glance to them and frowned then realize, 'Oh wait. It's not me.' Yeah so this is a little explanation about my nickname. I hope you understand.

Anyway,I was born in Jakarta on January 1st When Joshua and Hyuk is 5 years old lololololol. But I was raised in Croatia until i was 2 years old then I moved to France and studied as a kindergarten student but i stayed there only in four seasons then moved to Vietnam to continue my study as a kindergarten student :3 I still remember when I don't even know what my friends are talking about when I'm schooling at Vietnam. Gladly that my teachers can speak English fluently. Well.. It was just a past. And now I'm here, In my beloved country, Indonesia <3

My hobbies are reading,playing guitar,and singing. And I also like to eat and sleep.


It's not my hobbies but It's Joshua's.

Well, My hobbies are reading,spazzing about my future boyfriend and my future husband (read:joshua,hyuk,baekhyun,d.o.) sleep