Anita Lewis

New York, New York

Anita Nichöle Lewis was made with love on August 16th, 1989 and raised in the diverse streets of Brooklyn, NY. She is the daughter of Marcia Lewis (RN) who has made quite a name for herself in the field of Health Care. Anita’s passion for Travel, Dance and Talent/ Brand Relations has allowed her to become a well rounded individual. Like a sponge, she soaks in the culture from everywhere and everything that she encounters, which has dramatically shaped her life. Anita is known as Miss “Go-Getter" because of her drive for opportunity, ability to light up every room with her personality, her smile and her ability to stay optimistic no matter what situation she walks into. As a quirky girl who is finding her place in the world with all the talent and opportunity she is given, she continues to move forward to a beautiful and promising destination unknown. As a freelancer, she enjoys brand management, helping to coordinate events and casting/working with models & talent. She hopes to secure an entry-level position at a stable company to grow into the world of Lifestyle, Beauty and Entertainment!

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