Anita Manning

Kildare, Ireland

I am a holistic therapist and spiritual facilitator for over 17 years, I began my journey into holistic health like many others, with my own health problems, but have never looked back since I started training. As I progressed with the physical therapies ie. Massage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy, I became more and more drawn to the spiritual and my own natural physic and healing abilities reignited. This lead me to train in Reiki, Angel Therapy, Mediumship and Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am now a teacher of Reiki and Rahanni and run healing meditation classes on a weekly and monthly basis.

Anita has recently completed her dip in teaching and is currently teaching holistic health in two colleges and also at her own holistic centre in Athy.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the change from someone arrives stressed and leaves feeling completely relaxed and stress free.

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