Dominik Cool

Austrian Pop Singer-Songwriter, born in Vienna/Austria.
On 7th July 2012 he finally released his debut album Anita Forgive Me which has got 14 tracks on it. He worked two years on the album, at first he recorded the demo album with artists like M.RuZ and Ina as you can listen on tracks like 'If we had a dream like yo'u and 'Jojo'. Dominik always wrote songs from heart, it isn't the reason to like the songs, He wants to express his self. Often he sings about beeing different to others, love and dreams. In his childhood he performs on stage to songs like Michael Jackson and dances to it (2009) but end of 2010 he begans to write his first own song 'You are the One'. A half year went over and he writes his secound song 'Anita Forgive Me' and everyone actually know him about it.

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