Anjali Jain


One of the most difficult questions in life for me is when people say "So tell me about yourself"...:D Its funny how such a simple question can be so difficult to answer but yes it is (atleast for me) and I know I still will have to come up with something to answer so in brief I can say I am simple yet can seem complicated to some :D I am frank yet secretive(Its fun when people find u a lil myterious ;) ) A die hard music fan and a foodie.I believe in trying everything in life or I should say almost everything coz there are always some exceptions.

I am a kinda person you can have varied opinions about...every other person will describe me in a different way and sometimes the descriptions may be poles never know whose opinion to rely on until you find out yourself..I think thats what called being a Gemini :D I can be sometimes moody and basically unpredictable and so is my never know whats coming up next...Thats why I say my life is a bumpy ride sometimes all good sometimes all messed up but I guess thats what makes it interesting. The main idea is that we should not give up. Life gives me and everyone millions of reasons to quit, be it coz of broken friendships or relations ,betrayl,failure or anything for that matter but it also gives atleast thousand reasons to start again,trust again and dream again but only if we have faith that things will turn right some day and all these struggles will some day lead us to our dreams..(I know that was a bit too philosophical :D but actually the truth of life)..So with all these thoughts and ideas pursuing towards my dream,the dream of getting those two golden letters prefixed before my name "CA"

Already completed my basic graduation and right now focused on my CA Finals.

Came to this city of dreams to fulfill my dreams and I think its going pretty well .:)

Always love talking to some good intellectual and interesting people as I believe communication is a key to everything from holding relations to transfer of knowledge and hence I try using this skill to my best :) some other words thats can define me are:crazy shopaholic(I would shop everyday if I could and online shopping spoils me more๐Ÿ˜…),chocoholic,passionate reader,music freak and a crazy soul :D

I think I have written quite a lot here and its time to stop now.

To all of you : Keep smiling and love yourself and BeYoutiful :) <3

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