Anjali Ravindran

India, Chennai

I WAS BORN ON 29TH FEB, I won't let a passerby without sharing with him this valuable piece of information. I cannot do anything fruitful expect to pen down my thoughts and occasionaly closing my mouth. I'm very tempermental. My opinions change every day. Family first before anything. I hate flowers and nature but I occasionly enjoy the sunsets. Red roses evoke no sense of love inside me. Though I love meeting new people, I'm much of an introvert. I suck at expressing my feelings towards people that tend to lose half of them. Also, another reason according to my mother I tend to lose people is because I talk right from the shoulder. So all of you who are stalking this if you need a reality check well congratulations, you just spotted the right person. I hate facebook (Yes, I can see the bricks coming). I hate people who "typ lek tiz". I love learning new words in all languages. Also, I love the mother of all languages Sanskrit so any of you remotely have the same interest you just became my friend. I don't listen to music(Stop judging, dude). I can't believe I wrote that much about me, wow. So that's more or less about me in 969 characters. Also, I'm highly opinionated person which is the only trait I like about myself and I'M ABNORMALLY CUTE FOR AN 18 YEAR OLD. Yes, I'll stop my chatter. Scroll down for more. I love food

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