Anjalie Subramanian

Hello there! I'm Anjalie Subramanian a Freshman, Chem Major at the University of Georgia. I do Indian Classical dance and attend as well as teach at my local Sunday School. I have a fascination for religion. I myself am Hindu, but I enjoy reading the Bible and various other religious texts. Over the last 6 years, the YMCA has helped me develop an intense passion for serving others. I have always known that I want to be a doctor, but after serving with the Y I would really like to work as a volunteer doctor. I actually really enjoy school! I would say one of my best qualities is that I am able to go into anything with an open attitude. Even though classes are boring sometimes, I love the idea of learning new things whether it is science, math, or literature and finding ways to make most what I learn appeal to me. I am not the type to rush through work and take short-cuts. I think doing things the right way and understanding why things are the way that they are is extremely important.

I love to go out with my friends, but honestly I enjoy cozy chill nights a little bit more. Can you say board games and comedies? :) Reading a good book outside in Autumn, a picnic, a day at the beach- these are a few of my favorite things! My family and I are incredibly close and I owe them everything for molding me into a person that I love. Look out world, here I come.