anjan deep

My name is Anjandeep, I'm a guy and I was born on 31 August, 1989 in Andhrapradesh(India) After graduating from high school, I spent some time working as a programmer and computer developer. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the process. In June I began studying Engineering in Information Technology in the SWAMI VIVEKANANDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(SVIT) I enjoyed my studies to a large extent, but also found them frustarting many time. I feel that i deepened my understanding of computers because of them; The SVIT gives its students a high level of studying, but my main problem with it is that its tests are sometimes completely out of sync with the material that is learnt, too long and/or too hard, and so students receive low gradse and become frustrated. This is especially demotivating considering the fact that studying there is a lot of work I recall a time when the only reason I continued to study was to get the degree at the end and felt completely unmotivated otherwise. Eventually, I came to enjoy my studies a little more, but I still have many bad memories in it. I graduated from the SVIT in June 2010. As of this writing (27-December-2010), I have a permanent job, as a embedded engineer working in a TEKBRIDGE solutions.,Bangalore.And also iam a certified Ethical Hacker from Ankitfadia.Iam Particularly interested in new technologies in software.And coming to my hobbies i have moreinterest in reading and learn about new technologies.