Anj Dixon

Automotive Sales Consultant, Writer, and Minister in Knoxville, Tennessee

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I don’t know about you, but I am not the biggest fan of sales people. Maybe it’s the overly eager, snappy-finger, fast talking aura that they carry that makes me feel like the most important thing about me, to them, is my money, know what I mean? Every time I walk into a place where I have to make a major purchase, I dread the process: the tense negotiations, the fear of buying a faulty product, the missing human element, the paper work and long hours… The process doesn’t have to be like this!

I came to a realization that this paradigm is ready to be shifted into a deeply connective experience, and that is what I aim to change. Hi, my name is Anj Dixon and I am an Automotive Sales Consultant at AutoNation Honda West Knoxville, also known to me as the best car dealership in the whole universe.

Yes, I just said that.

Here is my short list of reasons why I believe that AutoNation Honda is the best dealership in the universe:

1.) We treat our clients with kindness, care, and we are trained NOT to pressure them into decisions they may regret.

2.) We research and survey the market to competitively price our vehicles to give our clients the best deal without all the legwork, guesswork, and excruciating negotiations.

3.) We are a fully transparent corporation. And we refuse to sell recalled vehicles. It’s all about disclosure!

4.) Honda people are happy people, but we offer incredible pre-owned vehicles that have full inspections and warranties.

5.) The company culture puts the clients first, and they treat their sales staff with dignity and respect.

So now that you know a little about AutoNation Honda, let me tell you a little about me.

My desire is to help individuals, families, and professionals in a number of capacities, one of which is auto sales. When I am not selling cars, I am focused on my faith and family as a minister, pastoral counselor, and member of my local church choir. I develop memorable creative projects that are designed to become a signal in the noise of a world that sometimes can get so noisy it’s scary. I am a published author and editor, filmmaker and dancer. I enjoy nature, pizza, friends, and 80s movies. I love “momming” my son and my two dogs, and I am a firm believer that bald babies are the best babies.

I believe in shining bright like a diamond and polishing others around me with high frequency encouragement.

Vehicles are like family members, so let’s find the right one together.

  • Work
    • Automotive Sales Consultant
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    • Harvard Divinity School