Anjelica Scaletta

New York

I once asked a close friend what three words describe me. Their reply was, "Fabulous, functional, and forceful."

Fabulous. I'm an outgoing individual who loves to meet new people. People say that I'm almost always smiling and I don't even mean to - it just happens!

Functional. I know how to make the best of a situation. I can function in even the most stressful incidents and can make the experience better for everyone involved.

Forceful. From a line in the play "Wit" by Margaret Edson: "I am, in short, a force." I am a person that puts everything they have into their work and I will draw upon my years of learning to succeed at anything. I am a force of good and I wish to share that with others.

If you want to learn more about me, visit my personal site where you can view my resume, writing samples, and projects that I've worked on.

  • Education
    • Stony Brook University Program in Public Health
    • Stony Brook University