Ankeet Shah

You see a group of people & there is 1 guy who you just can't miss. His big smile, cracking everyone up with his jokes & making sure that people with him are having a good time, forgetting their sorrows, living in the moment... all this catches your eye.

As you observe keenly, you notice that the guy is- Smart, Intelligent, Patriotic, Humble. A positive influence. Frank, yet accommodative. Outgoing, yet reclusive. In the spotlight, yet discreet

You talk to him & you realize his life revolves around people. He's always there to help people, motivate them & make them realize their potential.

He has this uncanny power of perception & a penchant for doing things out of the ordinary.

Ambitions are sky-high & feet firmly on the ground. Let me introduce you to that man... Ankeet Shah