Ankur C. Das


An entrepreneurial technology executive with extensive business and consulting experience in multiple countries in Europe and Asia; shouldering delivery, quality and revenue targets. Has managed both Fortune 100 and SME clients in his 13 year international career. Has lived and worked out of diverse base locations in India, Switzerland and Poland.

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Heading business for KloudData’s rapidly-growing Asia-Pacific unit, which he started-up in 2012. Has built the regional business around execution exciting go-to-market strategies in Mobility, Analytics, HANA and ERP. Presently hyper-focussed on evangelizing adoption of mobility in the enterprise and KloudData's Healthcare Solution Framework (KloudKare).

Also advising exciting SoMoClo start-ups in India on their go-to-market strategy as part of the KloudData Ventures initiative.


Was employee #3 in the business team that started-up Optimal Solution’s (acquired by NTT Data) SBU for Small & Medium Enterprises in South Asia. Prior to that he worked for many years with IBM and Nestlé.