Anna Scott

Consultant, Life Coach, and Dancer in Los Angeles, California

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I believe in quantum storytelling.

I like making large interactive, improvisational performance pieces that function like MECE trees in a romper room. I can usually find a connection and pattern between any given set of ideas, projects, actions. Because of this, I am an entertaining and daunting moderator. It's unusual that I can't take a conversation to a point of implementation. I make people make things happen.

When I am not instigating change on my own or through third parties, I spend my time dancing and throwing dinner parties (that often have the result of changing the world so they may not count). I tinker with 21st century storytelling tools, especially augmented reality. And I "read" sci-fi shows, movies and novels for glimpses of the future that already always exists for us. I am enmeshed with quantum storytelling right now (see what I did there).

People who visited my mentor table last year at SXSW went on to take their crazy idea to market. If you're ready to admit that you are changing the world, come talk to me. I'll be there again this year:

  • Work
    • Vita Vibrare
  • Education
    • Northwestern University, Ph.D.; Stanford University, AB