Anna Dardick

I am a driven graduate student who is passionate about community organizing, social justice, and the power of story, and eager to do work that truly makes a difference. I believe that the greatest threats to health globally are unjust, oppressive systems, so I approach Public Health from a lens of structural change. I am pursuing a Masters in Public Health in Health Behavior at the University of North Carolina, expected 2016.

Current Projects:

I work as a Programs and Campaign Manager for Imagine Better, a project that bends the energy around popular stories and cultural moments to create positive change and build a more just, loving world. With the combined power of educators, storytellers, workers, activists,fans, and anyone with the power to imagine a better world (you!), we use the magic of story to dive deeper into our shared reality and create our ideal world. In this capacity, I manage campaigns, partnerships, and volunteers. I also assist with organizational logistics and hiring.

I am also a co-chair for the 37th Annual UNC Minority Health Conference, the longest-running student-run health conference in the US. With a co-chair and many dedicated volunteers, I manage and organize every detail of the conference, from fundraising and communications to an international webcast and securing keynote speakers. The 2016 theme is “In Solidarity: The Role of Public Health in Social Justice” and will explore the intersection of public health and social justice. The conference will highlight opportunities for public health researchers and practitioners and social justice advocates to learn from each other to identify best practices for prioritizing minority health and fostering inclusive strategies for change. In addition to keynote lectures and breakout sessions, the 37th annual conference will be the first to feature an interactive skill-building workshop for participants.