Anna Handschuh


Anna Handschuh


I am Anna Handschuh, founder of elephant strategy, based in Amsterdam.
Elephant strategy is a consultancy firm for strategic brand innovation, with a focus on the combination of brand innovation and sustainability.

Expertise and Standpoint,Consultant and Speaker

I am an expert in strategic sustainable innovation and sustainability branding.

I am conviced that a brand is what a business does - and what a business does not.

It is for this reason that there is no sustainability branding without strategic sustainable innovation. Only a brand that innovates in its business model and business operations by respecting people, planet and profit can be succesful in the long run.

Work Focus

I am convinced that our limit to perceive defines our ability to imagine.
As a consultant and trend researcher, I develop brand concepts for future-orienting businesses and their brands.
These concepts respond to the huge economical, societal, environmental and technological shifts. Not merely by integrating them, but by systemic implementation leading to future-proof brand innovation.


Sustainability branding
Strategic sustainable innovation

Speaking and authorship:
Trend research for the next economy
Innovation for sustainability


Former head of programme, GDI Institute for Economical and Social Studies, International trend research think tank of the retailer Migros.

Former marketing lead and member of the start-up team of Triodos Bank Germany, Europe's leading sustainable bank.