Anna Åberg

My core value, guiding everything I do, is to believe in human ability. I am convinced that when everyone believes in their own and others' ability, we will live in a world of peace.

My vision is to contribute to world peace through my entrepreneurship and work.

In my vision I see freedom for everyone to continuously discover and live their potential, I see dignity, respect, great innovations, solid companies and organizations, kindness and peace.

I welcome everyone who shares this world view. Want to join? Together we spread values that change the world.

Recently, I co-funded A site designed to inspire dreaming, to discover strength and focus to find, reach and live your dreams.

Last year I co-founded Goodheart.sedesigned to deliver coaching, lectures and education in management development.

Other start ups are CoachAdventure, I do, Shift Education, Leia Acceleator.

With 25 years of product- and service sales online and offline I have management expertise from small and large corporate teams as well as management and board assignments.

As a business coach I’m passionate about how personal leadership creates positive shifts in small and large organizations.

Working as a coach is by far the most rewarding, challenging and stimulating role I ever had. One challenge is to free up client's potential. Another is to develop a personal leadership among managers based on the curiosity to learn about themselves and others. A third challenge is building emotional intelligence in teams that contributes significantly to both the organization and personal success.

My entrepreneurial experience combined with executive coaching is a platform for contributing to success. Key factors for success is my ability to quickly understand different individuals, corporate cultures, business environments as well as different markets and demands.