Anna Aurora de Guia-Eriksson


I'm Anna and I film and photograph things. I've recently completed my BA in Film and Comparative Literature (I like books too) and have taken my new found freedom to creating projects of my own. I consider myself a filmmaker, interested in all aspects of filmmaking, from script to post-production. I write, film and edit all my projects.

Being of Filipino-Swedish descent, I'm interested in people, places and stories that, like me, straddle two (or more) different states of being, and try to incorporate that into what I do.

One such example is my most recent film, Peter, carving., a short documentary, about an Ifugao wood carver, who inherited his profession from his father and his father before him, and who now lives and works in London.
I am currently working on a follow-up to this film, about Peter and his life back at home in Hapao, Ifugao.

My filmmaking has led me to all sorts of projects: making promo videos for IamNews Swansea, an animated online flipbook for the zine Fever, and a fashion film for Laydeh Alberto Fashion.
I photograph as well, in digital but I prefer film. I have been travelling around The Philippines lately, and have put together some photos documenting my trip around those islands. I've also got a collection of film and digital photos here.

To view my showreel, exhibiting samples of my films and videos (which I have worked as both camerawoman and editor) please click here.

I like working with people and enjoy collaborations, be it filming, photographing, writing or chatting. If you like some of my work and would like to contact me, feel free to send me an email!

  • Education
    • BA Film and Comparative Literature