Annabelle Brault

Annabelle Brault is a music therapy intern and executive assistant of the World Federation of Music Therapy. Born and raised in Quebec, she has been attending educational institutions where multicultural and community involvement are predominant. Notably, Annabelle participated in a cultural immersion program in West Africa and conducted her own humanitarian project in a center for disabled children in a subsequent trip. Since the beginning of her music therapy training in 2011, Annabelle has been involved in music therapy organizations at all levels including the MTSA, the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and the WFMT. Her interest in medical music therapy has led her to complete two practica in hospital setting, presenting at the WFMT World Congress about medical music therapy, as well as pursuing a 1000-hour internship at Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital in Perth. Annabelle is completing a Master's degree in Creative Arts Therapies, Music Therapy option at Concordia University. Her thesis explores the use of music therapy in paediatric oncology setting.