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Anna Bohr

Eugene, Oregon

Compassionate. Bashful. Weird. Humorous. Loving. Intelligent. Considerate. Patient. Dependable. Optimistic. Encouraging. Humble. Trusting. Kind.

I am a senior in the Family & Human Services Program at the University of Oregon. I'm a humanitarian, passionate about learning new ways to help advocate for and serve the people around me. My love of different cultures, languages and people produced my itch to travel and gain new perspectives from diverse communities around the world. I am motivated to work hard and I am very intuitive. My past has molded me into the person I am, and if you really know me, you know that "Amor Fati" are the words I live by. I am looking forward to graduating in June 2014 and finding an exciting new career in the world of human services!

  • Work
    • Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  • Education
    • Family & Human Services
    • University of Oregon
    • College of Education