Annalies Kruiniger

Hello! I'm Annalies, I'm loud, lively, and lovely...

I have diverse taste in music, fashion, movies and well, just about everything really.

I can't live without my camera. Or facebook. Thank god for iPhones!

I'm all about having fun wherever I am and doing things I enjoy. If you don't like it, don't do it.. but whatever you do, have fun doing it!

I love ads. Love them.

I watch ads in the adbreak, and I take notice of them in the street, and I even look them up online. I'm also one of those people who posts ads online, and brings them up on YouTube at parties. I get really proud of ads I've been involved in making, and just love sharing the good ad goodness!

I'm continually excited to see innovative digital campaigns capture attention and imaginations.

It's my dream job to make advertising that others love as much as I do. It's my goal to create interesting, exciting, innovative advertising that stands out from the crowd, performs above target, and wins awards. To achieve this involves serious stakeholder management, and selling in skills, along with the ability to think outside the box.

A few of my favourite things include: laughing, chocolate, friends, advertising, pyjamas, Lillies, shoes, handbags, photography, diet coke, music, going to the movies (previews included!), and dancing like no one's watching.

And whatever I'm wearing, I'm always wearing a smile.