Annaliese Law


Myname is Annaliese Law and I am a 20 year old Digital Film Productionstudent inmy final year at Ravensbourne, London. I have always beeninterested in the media and the way in which it connects and effectsthe world through both visual and auditory means. I feel that myspeciality lies within the organisational and production managementside of films and I would particularly like to specialise in musicvideos. Music is a universal language and I like the idea that themessage of an auditory medium can be given meaning through a visualmeans. I have had experience in making many types of short films fromdocumentary to drama and I am currently working on a music video fora London punk band, Dog Rotten as well as a documentary for the youthpanel at the Horniman Museum.

  • Work
    • whsmiths
  • Education
    • Bexley Grammar School
    • Ravensbourne