ann and kirby kenny

This site communicates the musings of twin sisters who hope to inspire others with the truth that nature, health, beauty, and piece of mind are all connected. Everything is connected. It wasn’t until we shifted our entire lifestyle by adopting a vegan diet, void of all processed foods, with an emphasis on living foods, that we truly understood the magnificence of the connectedness of body, beauty, being, and planet. Being aware of everything we put in and on our bodies has allowed us to go through a mental, physical, and spiritual awakening, and as a result we have noticed a major shift in strength in our mind-body connections. Once we began to focus our healing energy inward, we could feel our hearts reminiscing. Once we began to anoint ourselves with pure essential oils in place of toxic products, we could feel our endocrine systems smiling. Once we began to place an emphasis on our digestion, we could feel our colons beaming. The pathways in our bodies have cleared up and we can feel a fog disintegrate like never before. We feel blood pumping through or veins, not sludge. We are starting to feel our true essences shine through. As we follow this shift in consciousness, we are continually amazed at how deep the indoctrination of our society runs. The veil has been lifted. We are aware of the destruction that takes place on a cellular level as a result of the ceaseless toxic behavior employed by human beings, and we wish to be apart of the solution for change. We seek to bring into consciousness the concept that true beauty derives from a holistic view of the body and the ether as one sacred being. As Aristotle put it, “If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way.” We strive to promote the message that essential oils and flower power are the only substances suitable for authentic beauty, unprocessed foods are the only substances suitable for open hearts and free-flowing bodies, and an organic approach to living is the medicine our species, and mother earth needs. Toxic bodies breed toxic thoughts, and toxic thoughts pollute the air just as potently as gaseous fumes do- let us be present and conscious about the cleanliness of our bodies and minds in order to collectively assuage such energetic pollution.

With gratitude,

Ann and Kirby Kenny

“Nature is effortless beauty. Beauty that flows through you, not applied to you. B