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Anna Spysz

Krakow, Poland

Hi! My name is Anna and I write, edit, and translate things for a living. I also help startups present themselves to the world, and am working on my own startup on the side. Sometimes I also take pictures, and other times I make music. Mostly, though, I just want to read and learn (and keep traveling).

At the moment, I live in gorgeous Krakow, Poland, where I freelance as a writer, translator and consultant by day and am working on a top-secret startup by night. In the past Iwrote a book (OK, half) and used to write a lot about startups for publications such as Bitspiration News and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development before launching one myself. I also used to play in a post-rock band called New Century Classics, and I’m a co-founder of >Preserved Sound, an ambient and neo-classical record label based in Krakow, though these days I mostly play music at home and with friends.

  • Work
    • Writer and Editor
  • Education
    • Jagiellonian University
    • University of Texas at Austin