Ann Cathrin

Consultant in Berlin, Deutschland

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Founder - Founded Frei_Räume in 2013 a small company which offers virtual assistance, web design and social media consultancy. Offers wide range of office services, conception, creation and implementation of responsive websites and social media presences. Additionally suitable online marketing activities such as Google AdWords campaigns, blogger relations and an effective content strategy. Finally tracking and reviewing with Google Analytics and others.

Blogger - Blogging at auftuchfuehlung with her friend about (oriental) food, traveling, lifestyle, motivation, feminism, women and a lot of other topics. Contributes different blogs with texts about online marketing, social media, digital revolution and different sociopolitical topics.

Student - Student of Islamic Science, Business and Politics. Special interest in islamic feminism, feminism, international relations, Middle East, Marketing and Social Media. BA Thesis (Sept 2015) about Twitter in Saudi Arabia and the democratic impact. Organized the "5. Studentisches Symposium der Islamwissenschaft und verwandter Fächer" with over 100 participants in Tübingen.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - Darum studieren wir Allah

SPIEGEL ONLINE - Vorurteile gegen Islamwissenschaftler: "Die meisten denken gleich an Terrorismus"