Ann Cudworth

Ann Cudworth is a visionary pioneer in the design industry, with projects ranging from environmental sculpture to television, film and theater to virtual worlds. This two-time Emmy Award winner inspires people to engage with the message and learn from the content embodied in the environment.

She has just finished her first book. "Virtual World Design: Creating Immersive Virtual Environments" about Virtual World Design, which will be published in early 2014 by CRC Press.

Ann is one of the top virtual environmental designers in the world. Her designs have been utilized by network television and corporate websites for election and sporting event coverage, for game-based entertainment and for virtual education. She has received artistic grants from corporations and major cities interested in showcasing her talent. Her environments in virtual worlds have drawn the interest and support of corporate, military and educational groups seeking to engage their constituents in all manner of content.

Ann has served as Art Director on television programs for PBS and on theatrical films for Orion, Paramount and Touchstone studios. For the past five years, she has held the position of Manager of Design and Fabrication at CBS, headquartered in New York City, leading the team for the construction of actual and virtual sets for 60 Minutes, CBS This Morning, Inside Edition and 48 Hours, as well as numerous network special event projects.

Ann is a long-time mentor and educator of virtual design and visualization at major universities, workshops and conferences worldwide.