Anne-Mieke Bovelett

Den Bosch area, The Netherlands

In daily life I'm a multitalented entrepreneur and an art teacher. You can hire me as your CMS consultant or project manager on larger website projects, I'm an international agent for several talented front-end and backend web developers - all specialists in a broad spectrum of open source CMS systems.

And I teach art, which you can see at

Beside that I am marketing team lead at CMS Made Simple™. I have been a temporary online columnist for one of the largest newspapers in the Netherlands and run my own blog (in Dutch) called

Nope, not done yet: I'm managing partner at, a very exclusive B&B and workshop location in The Netherlands. Confused after reading all this? Good :-) MORE?? OK... I love to: paint on a large canvas. Literally and figuratively spoken; compose music; create video tutorials; converse with great and sharp minds; roam internet for web dev articles; tell people to shove modesty up their a...