Anne Catharine Blake

Anne Catharine Blake is a creative blend of Americans and Canadians. Known as Catharine or Cathy to her friends, she grew up half time in Canada on a farm, and half time in the US around the theatre and her grandfather’s commercial art studio.

Her illustrations have appeared in over 60 publications, including children’s books, magazines and newspapers. Her art has also been exhibited in galleries and can be viewed in private and public collections.

Catharine loves to draw and learn exciting new ways to create art, whether it’s with a digital pen on a Wacom Cintiq or on paper and pencil. She is also notorious for sketching on sticky notes and leaving a trail wherever she goes.

Most days, Catharine can be found in her studio on the 3rd floor of the Hala B. Darling House in Upstate New York.

With her studio cat, Hala to keep her company, she paints, draws, writes, and teaches Illustration and design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online.