Anne Denise Dupont

Dallas, Texas, United States

My biography could appropriately be titled "Woman's Search for Meaning." It seems I have spent the better part of my adult life seeking stories that resonate, images that touch my soul, and philosophy that enhances my understanding of the world within and without. As a writer, I strive to blend the mysteries of spiritual philosophy with the excitement of genre fiction.

I am currently seeking representation for my first novel, an epic fantasy called THE DEATH OF MAGIC, the first of a four-book series with the working title of THE SOUL'S PRICE. I call it "metaphysical fantasy" because of its unique cosmology and magic system, which explores fantasy's numinous underpinnings, as so eloquently described by Jo Walton.

In THE SOUL'S PRICE, mages channel magic from their souls, who are separate immortal beings. "The Soul's Price" is literally what a man must sacrifice in his mortal life in order to gain the power of his soul.

In my own "mortal life" I am a freelance graphic designer, living in the Dallas area with my guitarist husband and our beloved feline daughter. I was born and raised in Louisiana, a culturally interesting place to be from, but a terrible place to earn a living. I enjoy reading, fitness, and all things fantastical. I'm a whiz with the computer but can not operate machinery, choose furniture, nor cook on the stovetop to save my life.

As a graphic artist, I work mainly with corporate clients, creating marketing collateral for print and email. Here is a link to my professional portfolio site. I also operate a virtual storefront called Delightful Downloads on, where I sell inexpensive downloadable graphics and customizable invitations that you can print yourself.

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer, Art Director
  • Education
    • BA-Psychology, Baylor University • BFA, Louisiana Tech