Annemarie VanderWaal

Annemarie VanderWaal

I'm Annemarie, a 24 year old Registered Nurse from British Columbia, Canada.

I work in Tertiary Hospice Palliative Care, as well as in Radiation Therapy Nursing. Two very similar fields of nursing but with very different focuses! Tertiary Hospice Palliative Care focuses on symptom relief rather than cure... while Radiation Therapy Nursing focuses on trying to find a cure and managing the symptoms that come along with curative treatment. I love both my jobs... nursing is so much better and more rewarding of a career than I ever dreamed it could be!

Aside from nursing, I love to stay active... running is an excellent stress reliever... plus it helps you stay healthy! British Columbia is a beautiful place to live... mountains everywhere for hiking, rivers to run beside, sunshine that is so appreciated when it comes out...

I love to travel and experience history and cultures, meet new people, see the unique beauty of different places...

And I love music! Music is one of my greatest passions... life would be incomplete without music to complete the moments... My favorite being electronic dance music - trance specifically. But I also love contemporary Christian music and the occasional country song. And latin music... so fun! It just makes me want to get up and start dancing the salsa (although I'd probably seriously fail at that!)

And last but definitely most important... my family means the world to me. I would not be who I am today, or where I am today without them. They are the most important people in my world!