Anne Ross Pender

Student, lifeguard, and tutor in Raleigh, North Carolina

The vigor of life illuminates the issues facing our society today, and I hope to be someone who may one day make a difference in such a world. At 16 years old, I have created an app for the public market, hold stock in Wall Street, co-founded a local computer science business with a good friend from my high school, and recently published a book (written under a pseudonym). I work regularly as a lifeguard and swim instructor, but informally tutor my peers in AP chemistry, English, Spanish, and French. I also participate as a year-round swimmer and an external triathlete, and compete annually in half and full Ironmans. I am not sure as to where I will go next- regarding both college and my career- but I have been intrigued by the English language for most of my life, and aspire to one day utilize it in the context of others. I generally spend my free time rereading Harry Potter, analyzing Breaking Bad episodes, and walking about the promenade of a local lake I am particularly fond of. As an INTJ, I rejection the notion of social media, and maintain a lifestyle that keeps as far away from the artificial stimulation of such a pseudo-reality as possible.