Annie Bartlett

It's true. When you become a client, my brain's ON/OFF switch is permanently locked in the "ON" position. My sole goal is to help you stand out more through your people and your marketing.

To that end, I'll use my 30 years of managing, training, facilitating and coaching to help you:

Improve internal and external communication

Get more out of your employees using proper coaching techniques

Set, refine, and accomplish your organizational goals

I'll do this using the service you believe is most valuable: coaching, training, workshops, retreat facilitation, or one-on-one sessions.

I can also put my 12+ years of designing and developing websites to

Create a stand out impression with your clients and constituents without the use of gimmicks

Engage your website visitors on their terms

Get a very high or top search engine rating for your business or organization using legitimate techniques

My website design, website development, web copy and search engine optimization knowledge, skills and abilities are all designed to put you front and center of your clients and stand out in their minds.

My clients continually inspire me. Like my clients, I have a DNA-level passion for helping and serving. That's why I connect best with municipalities, non-profits, and professional service firms.

As one client recently said: "Annie thinks about our company the way someone with an ownership interest does."

Yep, that pretty well sums me up.