Annie Infinite

I help people find their authentic voice and project it out into the world with integrity, passion and authenticity. Oh and by the way, I strategise, manage and train in intelligent use of social media as well.

Saucy Social Media is a boutique creative marketing agency specialising in Digital Media Architecture, branding and strategy, custom digital media audits plans, social media training and workshops and social media management services.

Annie Infinite is the owner of Saucy Social Media and one of the pioneers of the social media industry, using social media to create brand awareness long before it was called social media. Annie consults with organisations wishing to take advantage of social networks using engagement strategies and creative and intelligent use of social media to disseminate brand awareness and engage their audience to build a community of advocates around their brand.

The author of 'Go Fractal! taking your marketing to infinity and beyond' Annie plays constantly on her own very busy social media profiles and management of her clients profiles Annie spends every moment refining her craft and keeping up with the trends to form an encyclopaedic and ever updated knowledge of her niche.

Annie also presents and trains on best practice and scope of using social media to business owners with a natural, fun and informative style which belies her deep knowledge of her subject.

Hi there,

I began using digital media long before it was called digital or social media, back in the days when forums and blogs were the only social platforms online. When Facebook, Youtube and Twitter were launched to the public I was one of the first in Australia with an account on them all; in fact I joined Facebook just 4 months after it opened to the public and was a Twitter user when Twitter had only 500 people on it.

In Australia I cut my teeth on marketing on the internet, and was told I was on the wrong track when I began to use my own social networking profiles to market my friends websites, services and products, so I know I was one of the first people in Australia to use this medium as a marketing tool. My business grew from this innovative small start.

My own site has a blog, on which I post about best practice social, digital and entrepreneurial marketing practices