Annie Ovans

Copy Writer in Wisconsin

Annie Ovans

Copy Writer in Wisconsin

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Hey, I'm Annie, I get to help small business owners craft nourishing, flavorful, sometimes quirky, conversational copy writing and marketing that calls in great clients and loyal customers.
it's my thing.

I came into this type of business through the back door- out of necessity, good instincts a hustle kind of work ethic, passion for good communication and a love for people...and as it turns out,

I always had a knack for it.

My work centers around teaching you to find your voice, nail the marketing messages that make you money, serve your clients and customers with ease and

so that you don't have to go it alone and learn the hard way, or the generic way.

There's no settling for mediocre marketing tactics that just aren't your style - all of which are not as profitable, nor do they feel purposeful to someone like you. so that's why I'm here,

I'll have your back.

For business owners, the self-employed, the freelancer, the independent or wherever you fit into the entrepreneurial spectrum, when you get behind the wheel of your own communication and marketing,it can cure so much of what holds us back as entrepreneurs.

Its a chance to face what we might be avoiding in our business.(the kind of stuff that leaves profits on the table.) Its an opportunity to share what we envision is possible for our most ideal clients

our customer, our communities, our audience and the world.

To bravely tell our stories that boldly reveal who we are and what our business is about and a chance for usto separate ourselves from everyone else who may

do what we do or offer what we offer.