Anni Estevez

I was born as Anny Altagracia Estevez-Espinal in the beautiful and lively Suburb of Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1991. I come from a very large and closely-bonded family and am the youngest of three girls in my immediate family. Growing up in Dominican Republic is a beautiful time in my life that was filled with laughter, music and endless love, it is an eternal memory which I cherish and hold close to my heart. However, 1990′s Dominican Republic was tough and there were often many shortages and disadvantages which my sisters and I faced in the future but were oblivious to as kids. This led to the sudden but very exciting move to Australia in September of 1999 when I was eight years old, in my mum's hope of a brighter future for my sisters and I.

Life in a new country was different and very difficult. I found myself being confused and extremely out of place, everyone spoke a foreign language and it was hard to keep up. I was enrolled at Chadstone Park Primary school, Melbourne, days after arriving to start as a grade 2 student the upcoming week. I remember instantly taking an interest in music at school because it made me feel as if I was connecting with my Dominican roots again. As time went on, English became easier and life in Australia, although it was extremely different from the life I was accustomed to back home, began to make sense.

Over the coming years we moved several times around Melbourne. In 2001, we moved to Sandringham where I completed my Primary school years at 'Sandringham East Primary School', it was here where I discovered a renown passion for the Arts and performing. I was involved in numerous school plays and acts and was awarded with a Scholarship to attend a prestigious Acting Academy. Additionally, I was also involved in School sports, particularly in School Athletics where I went on to represent the School in state-level relay and Soccer. I attended High School at 'Sandringham College' and successfully graduated in 2009, excelling in English, Business and Theatre Studies.

Now, at 21 years old the road is just begining

Swimwear and Lingerie Model for Mirea