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Annika Mustalahti

I am Annika, a no-nonsense strategic thinker driven by a can-do attitude and positive philosophy toward life.

I am currently working as a junior project manager and planner at the Finnish top advertising agency hasan & partners. I have a good track record in advertising and marketing in general, having had the pleasure to work with some of Finland's biggest brands already.

Being a team worker with a capital T, a trusted problem solver and spirit bearer, all support the fact that I'm a highly responsible young marketing enthusiast.

I'm always dedicated to working in a highly analytical manner and trying to reason every little detail to see the bigger picture.

In my free time, I like to play golf and explore the world as often as I can.

I am always open for meeting new people and hearing about interesting possibilities, so in case you found my short bio interesting and want to hear more, feel free to drop a line or two!