Ann Iversen

Coincidentally, it was while studying for her Bachelor’s degree in history that Ann-Helene Iversen developed passion for art and art history. Starting out with extensive course work in medieval and modern history, at Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Ann-Helene’s interest in cultural history became her main focus. While at Rutgers College, Ann-Helene was elected as a Henry Rutgers student, which gave her the opportunity to spend twelve credits worth researching and writing an extensive research paper. She chose the topic on fashion in the Victorian age and its implicit emphasis on creating a bigger gap, not only between the genders, but also amongst the upper and lower classes. For this eighty-page thesis, Ann-Helene earned high honors. She was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the Nation’s oldest and best-known academic honor society, as well as Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honor Society in History.

Having completed her minor in Art History (along with a “mini” in Mathematics), Ann-Helene Iversen decided to combine her love of art and history by applying to Rutgers University’s M.A. program in Art History. It was mainly nineteenth- and twentieth-century art that she decided to make the main focus of her studies. By also pursuing a Certificate in Museum Studies, Ann-Helene was able to further hone her research skills while also getting great exposure to internships at some of the New York area’s best-known museums. At New Jersey’s Newark Museum, she was vital in researching the then relatively new field of American twentieth-century Folk Art. While completing a one-year internship at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, she was an active member of the Museum’s Twentieth-Century Department while researching artists for the traveling version of the 1994 exhibition “Abstract Expressionism: Works on Paper.”

Thus, having made numerous contacts in New York while completing her Master’s Degree, it became natural for Ann-Helene Iversen to pursue a career in Manhattan’s museum world. Having already obtained a position as Assistant Curator at Baruch College’s Sidney Mishkin Gallery while still in graduate school, Ann-Helene promptly found a full-time position at The American Federation of Arts, the Nation’s oldest not-for-profit art services organization. While taking on a double position as assistant to the Senior Curator as well to the Head of Publications, Ann-Helene Iversen rapidly gained experience in all aspec