Annete Lupita

Student, Artist, and Writer in Jakarta, Indonesia

Annete Lupita

Student, Artist, and Writer in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Q: Who is she?

A: Her name is Annete Lupita (read: Ahn-net Lu-pee-ta), or simply Annete, or Ann, whatever. A chocolate-loving Aries born April 12th 1997 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Q: What are her daily activities?

A: She has just finished her senior year at SMAN 70 Jakarta in Science Program and currently studying at University of Indonesia majoring in Communication Science.

She just also finished her internship at Mobiliari Group for as a web content writer. She is now busy with her activities as Staff of Public Relation of HMIK UI 2016.

Q: Does she have any organization experience?

A: To name a few, she is a

Member of OSIS SMPN 19 Jakarta 2010 - 2011

Member of Tari Saman extracurricular of SMPN 19 Jakarta 2009 - 2012

President of SMPN 19 Jakarta's French Club 2010 - 2011

Member of Academic Class of 19 2010 - 2011

Rehearsal Coordinator of Vocal Group SMAN 70 Jakarta 2013 - 2014

Jakarta Movement of Inspiration 2014, First Batch as Cast.

Staff of PR, Media, HMIK UI 2016.

Q: What is her current project?

A: She has successfully managed Meet The Pro 1.0 with her PR HMIK UI colleagues. She is now working as a Head of Creative Design for CommInAct 2016.

Q: Could you describe her in any way?

A: She is a flower enthusiast and aspiring traveller. She also loves to call herself a philosopher. Passionate about movie production, photography, singing, dancing, music, and aesthetics in general. She is also a die-hard fan of the color white.

She can go from very friendly to super quiet in less than a second. She defines herself as an easygoing, witty, happy, open-minded, and optimistic person, also a deep-thinker.

She tries new things every once in a while, (cheerleading, painting, drumming, etc.) caused by her high-end curiosity since she was a little girl and is always dreaming about making her own clothing line in the future.

She is most likely to be found reading, singing, or listening to music at spare times--or probably sketching potraits as it is her hobby.

Her journey in performing arts started with dancing at age 9 and earned her first place trophy in DKI Jakarta at 10. She'd been learning traditional dances ever since. But she discovered her enthusiasm in vocal art just about three years ago.

Q: Can I be friends with her? Or recruit her in a project of mine, perhaps?

A: It depends on your music taste. But most definitely. Feel free to reach her at:

  • Education
    • 70 Jakarta High School 2012 - Present
    • 19 International Junior High School Jakarta 2009 - 2012