Anoosh Bahraini

I was born on Septembe 13, 1993 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I have three main priorities in life: family, school, and basketball, with importance being respectively in that order. I love my family and recognize them as the most important factor of my life. My family shaped who I have become today; I know that when all hope is lost, and when nobody seems to be there, my family will always show up to support me and bring me back on my feet. Next, my education is very important; after working as a dishwasher boy sophomore year of high school, I realized that without an education, that that would become my permanent job. I spent hours studying instead of partying because I recognized that in the long run, my studying would pay off. I finished high school with a high GPA and a high SAT score. Being accepted to Georgia Tech and the honors programs at the University of Georgia, I chose University of Georgia. It should be noted that I was a Georgia Tech fan my entire life, but after visiting UGA, I knew that I had found the right university. Finally, I relieve all of his stress through basketball. Even though I am currently unable to play due to an injury, I am going to undergo surgery and hopefully return to the courts within six months.

I am currently a freshman and double majoring in Biology and Business with the hopes of attending medical school. I enjoy engaging in controversial debates along with listening to all sorts of music, especially rap. My love for sports goes unmatched; as a young man, I had the dream job of becoming an NBA player or anchor for ESPN. However, I have now set my sights on becoming an orthopedic surgeon for a professional sports team. My favorite sports teams include the Miami Heat, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, and of course, the UGA Bulldogs.