Anshuli Gupta

Founder and Writer in India

I love technology and building products to solve problems. I'm an advocate of Open Web, enthusiastic about what all Web can do. Hence, started my entrepreneurial journey with the same notion, by building World's first Progressive Web App tool,!

I did my engineering and worked with Organizations such as Dell, Genpact, and Snapdeal. Overall 8 years into this space.

Have been fortunate enough to be always striving, trying new things, building products, engineering which scales up to millions of users. I've diverse interests ranging from technology, SaaS, startups, marketing, architectures and;

Giving back to the community by sharing stories of failures and successes, helping them know nothing is bigger than their grit and determination to achieve!

Thinking of getting a Progressive Web App (PWA) for your business? If you got a website, you could use to create a PWA in 15 mins! Some great work by Anshuli and Widely team.
Avlesh Singh, CEO WebEngage